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Our Story

Quill & Flame got its start from best selling author AJ Skelly’s frustration with the general market. Tired of searching for good books for her high school students that didn’t glorify toxic relationships, have words sailors would blush at hearing, and graphic sex on the page, she wanted something more for her students. Quill & Flame was born.

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With all the nostalgic charm that fairy tales and sugar plums bring, Quill & Flame presents a Nutcracker-themed anthology. Ranging from the fantastical to contemporary, and with a liberal dash of whimsy and romance, Magic and Mistletoe is a beautiful collection of stories that focus on the magic of the holiday season. Proceeds go to charity!


The war with Taletha is over, but the battle for love is only just beginning. Aysa, Princezo of Šeri, wants nothing more than to be the Talethan ambassador and help keep the tenuously established peace intact. But when the council decides the ambassador must be properly married, eight of the most eligible men come from across Šeri to compete for Aysa’s hand. Lonely and confused by their attention, Aysa turns to the one person who knows her better than anyone—her best friend, Emre.


Available now from Quill & Flame Publishers, authors Brittany Eden and Brigitte Cromey have collaborated to bring you Crowns, a royal-themed, best-selling anthology, which features a fantasy romance novella by Brigitte Cromey and a curated collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. And we believe in creativity with a cause: for this anthology, any author profits will go directly to the global non-profit International Justice Mission (IJM) which works to end modern slavery and trafficking.

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