Our Story

Words Have Power

At Quill & Flame, we believe that words have power. The right words can bring life, while the wrong words can manifest darkness. When we read, we are putting those potentially life-changing words inside us. There they sit, lurking in the background, festering in our subconsciousness. As such, it behooves us to put in the right words into our minds.

Quill & Flame strives to publish unique books that bring light. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be darkness in the stories—quite the contrary. The darkness is what makes the light shine brightest. But that does mean there are certain lines our books will not cross.

Quill & Flame books will never include full detailed love scenes. Our books will never have an abundance of profanity. Our books will not include senseless gore. Our books will never glorify toxicity or evil. We like it when the good guy (or girl!) wins.

Our books are focused on YA and NA romance. This spans a wide genre. You may expect our books to fall everywhere between sweet to spicy clean, fantasy to contemporary.

A Gap in the Industry

We’ve seen a gap in the way traditional publishing is done. Every author has to market their own book—it’s true if you’re indie or published with the Big Five. However, no one ever seems to tell authors HOW to market their books. We want to change this. Quill & Flame is a small but fully traditional publisher. We do not award advances, but do provide competitive royalties, and desire to forge relationships with the authors we publish. We also want to fill that gap and not only come alongside our authors in marketing efforts, but teach our authors how to market effectively. Authors are never asked to pay to publish with Quill & Flame, and are not required or expected to purchase copies of their books.