A Fantasy Romance

The war with Taletha is over, but the battle for love is only just beginning. 

Aysa, Princezo of Šeri, wants nothing more than to be the Talethan ambassador and help keep the tenuously established peace intact. But when the council decides the ambassador must be properly married, eight of the most eligible men come from across Šeri to compete for Aysa’s hand. Lonely and confused by their attention, Aysa turns to the one person who knows her better than anyone—her best friend, Emre.

Emre has been Aysa’s guard for years, yet he’s never told Aysa the truth—he is madly in love with her. Admitting that would result in the loss of everything he holds dear. Instead, Emre agrees to help his princezo find the perfect husband while trying to protect his heart from shattering.  

 But not all the young men are as they appear. When attempted murder pulls Emre away from Aysa and into the Šerian desert with her suitors, both Aysa and Emre discover that their bond is deeper than they realized. As they rush to prove an ally’s innocence and keep Šeri from descending into another bloody conflict, both must decide if their budding affection is worth pursuing, even if it means war.