A Heartbooks Anthology

Available now from Quill & Flame Publishers, authors Brittany Eden and Brigitte Cromey have collaborated to bring you Crowns, a royal-themed, best-selling anthology, which features a fantasy romance novella by Brigitte Cromey and a curated collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. And we believe in creativity with a cause: for this anthology, any author profits will go directly to the global non-profit International Justice Mission (IJM) which works to end modern slavery and trafficking.

AUTHORS | Brigitte Cromey, Ava Lauren Grayson, Hannah Carter, Amber Kirkpatrick, Robin Rakkeby, Hope Bolinger, Kristen Bazen, Annee Clark, Hailey Huntington, Cassandra Hamm, Abigail Falanga, J.M. Hackman, Yakira Goldsberry, Danielle Robertson, Liz Koetsier, Katie Fitzgerald, Abby Johansen, Megan Miles, Kaitlyn Carter Brown, S.M. Jake, AJ Skelly, C. Ash

POETS | Sara Anderson, Anne J. Hill, Brittany Eden, Brooke J. Katz, Amelia E. Clawford

PHOTOGRAPHERS & ARTISTS | Marie Lynch, C. Ash, Ruth Lumpkin, Sarah Harmon, Benjamin Cromey, Shannon Alldredge


Guard the princess. Save the kingdom. Stay alive.

Princess Talianna has gotten used to being invisible. As the only child of the royal line, she swears to become the best possible ruler for her people—even if it means no one will ever see the girl behind the crown. When fate reunites her with the knight who was once her best friend, she must hold to her promise—and leave the dreams of childhood behind.

Sir Gavin of Andel has never forgotten the princess with a smile as brilliant as the sun. When he’s assigned to guard her after being separated for ten years, he swears to protect her with his life against all enemies—an oath that may prove as deadly in success as it would in failure.

They’re bound to their oaths, but fulfilling them may cause their own hearts to break.



“This beautiful collection showcases the weight and glory of those who wear, protect, or even create the crown. From traditional royals to sci-fi nobles, and fantasy princesses to world-jumping lovers, Crowns will no doubt sweep you off your feet. With striking prose, humor, depth, and vivid landscapes, I found myself immersed in each unique world and the characters that lived and breathed within them.”
—EMILY BARNETT, award-winning author of the short story Sky Rays and the upcoming novel Thread of Dreams

Crowns is a delightful collection with a sharp edge. It perfectly balances the beauty of royalty with the danger of power.”
—NATHANIEL LUSCOMBE, author of Moon Soul

“For fans of happily ever afters and true love, Crowns is a heart-throbbing, swoon-worthy collection of beautiful stories. From far-off lands to modern day settings and futuristic worlds, the adventures in this anthology will leave your heart full and a smile on your face.”
—V. ROMAS BURTON, award-winning author of the Heartmaker trilogy and The Legacy Chapters series


“Nobility, courage, self-sacrifice…these are the themes explored in Brigitte Cromey’s precious, deep-hearted novella. When two characters are so determined to do what is right and good, can they make room in their lives to allow a childhood affection to blossom into romance? We live in dark times, and desperately need stories like these to help us find the light of hope. This is a tale after my own heart, and I will read it again and again in the days to come.”
—AMBER KIRKPATRICK, author of Until the Rising and Unleashed

“Such an amazing page-turner filled with absolutely everything I love—political intrigue, princess/bodyguard romance, and swoony moments that keep drawing me back to read them again and again. This story [Guardian’s Oath] is sure to please fans of Tara Grayce and K.M. Shea.”
—BRYN SHUTT, author of Illuminare

Guardian’s Oath is a delicious blend of adventure, magic, and heart. Brigitte Cromey crafted a lovely story perfect for fans of childhood friends-to-more, forbidden love, and royal romance. Readers will find themselves rooting for the characters as they evade danger within their own borders, as well as their feelings for one another. This novella is a shining jewel in the Crowns anthology.”
—CRYSTAL D. GRANT, author of Shadowcast