A Fantasy Allegory

“V. Romas Burton’s Heartmender pumps new blood into the classic good-versus-evil paradigm by way of the classic Seven Deadly Sins… [Heartmender] begins to race into nightmarish territory with uncomplicated prose tailored for young adult fans.”  —Lorehaven Magazine 

In the land of Barracks, the economy thrives on the barter of their citizen’s most precious commodity-a human heart. Each year the Heart Reign festival is thrown for those who have become of age to trade their heart for their deepest desires. And this year is Adelaide Tye’s year to trade.

After despising Heart Reign for years, Addie endures her Extraction and discovers that her heart isn’t gray and dying, like all other hearts in Barracks, but bright red, alive, and teeming with power.

With a warning from the extractor of hearts, Addie rushes through Heart Reign to make her choice-trade her heart to Schism, the monster who took her brother years before, or go in search of the Mender-a mythical man said to purify hearts and save her own heart. Either decision will rip her away from the one man who has always been by her side.

Knowing there is only one real choice to make, Addie jumps through Schism’s red door and is thrust into a dark and dangerous realm where she is faced with making a trade she may not survive.

“I knew Heartmender was a winner when, after reading mountains of other books,  this was the one I kept thinking about. " -S.C.Megale, Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge 

“Heartmender is a fresh choice for an eerie fantasy novel that parallels the moral choices we face in our fast-paced modern lives.” -Amanda Murello, Indies Today


After finding out she is the Bellata-the prophesied warrior meant to save Decim-Addie, along with James, returns to Barracks to unite the Twelve Magisters. But as she discovers her old home in ruin, Addie stumbles upon Silas and Nana, the only people left in Barracks.

As Silas explains what happened, Addie remembers the special gift Eman entrusted to her. She gives the gift to Silas, only to learn that he’s the young blacksmith who fought through the Seven Choices, making Addie unsure of how to react to her old friend.

Dodging an attack from Schism, and another deadly ally to Ophidian, the group finally makes their way to Ramni, where a familiar face joins them-one Addie never wanted to see again.

If Addie can’t learn to balance her new power, successfully unite the Twelve Magisters, and figure out what’s going on with a new voice in her head, Ophidian will destroy all the twelve lands… And she’ll never know who is capable of betrayal amongst her friends.


Eman is gone. Silas is gone. Claire is gone.

When Addie returns to Ramni after her devastating encounter with Ophidian, she finds her heart broken from her recent losses. Yet, even though she is grieving, Addie continues her journey through the Twelve Lands of Decim to unite the Twelve Magisters. With the aid of Romen and Lyle, she travels to each Northern Land to find that Ophidian is no longer harvesting Decim’s hearts, but their souls. With this new power, Ophidian will be all but impossible to defeat.

Will Addie be able to complete her promise to Eman before darkness rules?

A sweeping bookend to a remarkable allegorical trilogy, Heartrender will have you believing that, someday, in the not-too-distant future, it will be time for the reign of darkness to end.