A Young Adult Thriller

In a grim not-so-distant future where debt and drugs run rampant, Margot Azenari studies memory editing alongside the offspring of the rich and famous. She dreams of erasing the bad memories from her childhood-of her father’s involvement with the Vibora drug cartel and her mother’s struggle with addiction. Margo makes plans to escape the pain of her past, but her plans go awry when her mentor, Dr. Xander, asks for her help with a top-secret project involving the President’s son. 

Margot has always admired her classmate Isaac, the President’s son, who once saved her from a mean prank. She’s shocked to find him in Dr. Xander’s office unconscious and bruised after a recent plane crash. Just as Margo and Dr. Xander finish erasing dangerous memories from Isaac’s brain, Dr. Xander gives Margot an urgent mission-she alone must return the memories that they’ve removed from Isaac, or the lives of thousands of people will be in jeopardy. Their conversation is cut short as two Vibora drug cartel goons break in. Margot hides as they shoot Dr. Xander. 

Margot makes contact with Isaac, and the two agree to try to put the memories back. Slowly, they piece together a connection between the cartel and the US government…and how Isaac tried to discover the truth. Battling her own growing romantic feelings for Isaac, Margot finds herself stuck in the middle of a government conspiracy where Isaac’s father is the main suspect. As they race to reinsert the memories, they find themselves walking a treacherous line, not knowing who they can trust.

Or if they can trust each other.