A Contemporary Romance

He is her biggest mistake. She is his biggest regret. Can they ever find their way back to each other?

Molly Pruitt wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart. As the newest teacher at Cloverfield High School, she’s determined to start the new chapter of her life free from the tangled strings of her past. There’s no need to think about Tanner Bradshaw anymore.

Until he shows back up in Cloverfield.

Out of the NHL because of a career ending injury, Tanner’s life is in shambles. Now the new coach of the high school hockey team, he’s struggling to gain the boys respect and sorting through his tumultuous feelings for the girl he left behind five years ago. Regret doesn’t begin to cover it, but Tanner isn’t sure if Molly will ever give him a second chance.

Sparks fly when Tanner finds his office placed in the back of Molly’s classroom. Is it fate, or just dumb luck that keeps forcing them together? And when Molly helps win some of the team over to Tanner, he can’t help but wonder if maybe they’re still meant to be.

Now if he can only get Molly to think the same…