A Fairytale Retelling

Wendy Darling’s course is charted. Engaged to a banker, she’s doomed to lead a passionless life. Suffocated by her domineering aunt, the only place she can truly breathe is the theater. When she witnesses Peter Neverland making his acting debut, her world opens to infinite possibilities.

The moment he steps onto the stage, Peter discovers his purpose; and the orphan, whose childhood is cloaked in shadow, finds a true home. Surrounded by a humble troupe of players, Peter’s so happy he could crow, until in the wings he spies the starry-eyed girl watching rapturously from the balcony. In the dark confines of the theater, they secretly fall in love.

But when Wendy’s aunt plots to separate the two, it sends them on different trajectories that will put an ocean between them. For Peter and Wendy’s love to conquer the stars, it will take more than pixie dust. It will require the Neverlands, which are always seeking to break through, to perform a miracle.