An Urban Fantasy Romance

In an event that shakes the foundations of the world, thousands find themselves with new powers. Initially thought to be miracles of science, prejudice and fear soon bring danger from the darkness.

Fenris Trygg lost everything he loved when the Changing came. Cynical and bitter, he keeps himself at a distance from everyone, especially those who care about him the most. But when a charming redhead crosses his path, he may have met the one person who can tear down his walls.

Vivacious and bright, Sara Gardien hides a dark past. The child of Gifted parents, she shows no signs of a Gift, and fits into neither social caste. Determined to follow her own path, she sets her sights on what she wants and allows nothing to stand in her way.

Two damaged souls find each other, but when a new threat strikes, can they fight past the pain to stay together and defeat a common enemy?

Or will the Changing ultimately lead to their death and destruction?

The audiobook of Unleashed, narrated by Magnus Carlssen, is a finalist for Audiobooks the 2024 Realm Awards!


Unleashed won Best Science Fiction in the 2023 American Writing Awards!