An Urban Fantasy Romance

Life after the Changing. A time when secrets abound and no Gifted is safe. When villains rise from the dead and traitors are discovered.

After escaping the clutches of Josephine, Fenris Trygg discovers his encounter with her has stripped away all his Gifts. Powerless to protect those he loves, and with dark secrets of his past haunting him, Fenris questions if he deserves happiness.

Sara Gardien is just coming to grips with her own powerful Gift and must convince Fenris they can still make a life together. Yet Sara’s holding her own secrets close-even from the one person she loves the most.

Loyal friend Marcel Aguilar has always served others with his healing Gift, but a twist of fate is about to challenge everything he believes. Will Marcel stand by Fenris in his darkest hour, or will he succumb to the shadow that lurks in us all?

Secrets will be uncovered. New heroes will emerge. Betrayals abound as the Gifted wage war against each other. No one will be left untouched. For if there is one thing true about this world …

We all have the darkness that wants to take over, but it’s up to us to overcome it.