An Urban Fantasy Romance

Amber Kirkpatrick

Life after the Changing. A time when secrets abound and no Gifted is safe. When villains rise from the dead and traitors are discovered. After escaping the clutches of Josephine, Fenris Trygg discovers his encounter with her has stripped away all his Gifts. Powerless to protect those he loves, and with dark secrets of his past haunting him, Fenris questions if he deserves happiness. Sara Gardien is just coming to grips with her own powerful Gift and must convince Fenris they can still make a life together.


A Contemporary Romance

Anna Augustine

He is her biggest mistake. She is his biggest regret. Can they ever find their way back to each other? Molly Pruitt wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart. As the newest teacher at Cloverfield High School, she’s determined to start the new chapter of her life free from the tangled strings of her past. There’s no need to think about Tanner Bradshaw anymore. Until he shows back up in Cloverfield.


A Fantasy Romance

Ellen McGinty

With her crooked spine and reckless heart, Princess Meera always knew she wasn’t meant to become queen of Ezo. But when her sister, the rightful heir, is cursed on the eve of her coronation, Meera must defend her kingdom from ruthless invaders by taking the throne. Yet, while some countries have simple coronations, in Ezo . . . the princess must first claim a sea dragon. Only the dragon is vicious, perfect, and whole—everything Meera is not.


A Fantasy Romance

V. Romas Burton

Two years after fleeing the enslavement of Kadeshian general, General Yada, Rae Salvar does all she can to survive the besieged city of Yekel. While her work at the outer wall and business selling scarves keep her from poverty, her secret identity as the Crimson Cord, a street fighter in Yekel’s Dark Market, is what Rae enjoys the most. But when General Yada threatens Rae and demands she finds the recently escaped Seer, Devora Medee, Rae is desperate to do anything to locate the Seer and give her over to the general and Kadesh.


A Fairytale Retelling

Carey Corp

Wendy Darling’s course is charted. Engaged to a banker, she’s doomed to lead a passionless life. Suffocated by her domineering aunt, the only place she can truly breathe is the theater. When she witnesses Peter Neverland making his acting debut, her world opens to infinite possibilities. The moment he steps onto the stage, Peter discovers his purpose; and the orphan, whose childhood is cloaked in shadow, finds a true home. Surrounded by a humble troupe of players, Peter’s so happy he could crow, until in the wings he spies the starry-eyed girl watching rapturously from the balcony.


A Nutcracker Anthology

Quill & Flame Authors

With all the nostalgic charm that fairy tales and sugar plums bring, Quill & Flame presents a Nutcracker-themed anthology. Ranging from the fantastical to contemporary, and with a liberal dash of whimsy and romance, Magic and Mistletoe is a beautiful collection of stories that focus on the magic of the holiday season. Proceeds go to charity!


A Fantasy Romance

Anna Augustine

The war with Taletha is over, but the battle for love is only just beginning. Aysa, Princezo of Šeri, wants nothing more than to be the Talethan ambassador and help keep the tenuously established peace intact. But when the council decides the ambassador must be properly married, eight of the most eligible men come from across Šeri to compete for Aysa’s hand. Lonely and confused by their attention, Aysa turns to the one person who knows her better than anyone—her best friend, Emre.


A Heartbooks Anthology

Edited by Brittany Eden & Brigitte Cromey

Available now from Quill & Flame Publishers, authors Brittany Eden and Brigitte Cromey have collaborated to bring you Crowns, a royal-themed, best-selling anthology, which features a fantasy romance novella by Brigitte Cromey and a curated collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. And we believe in creativity with a cause: for this anthology, any author profits will go directly to the global non-profit International Justice Mission (IJM) which works to end modern slavery and trafficking.


An Urban Fantasy Romance

Amber Kirkpatrick

In an event that shakes the foundations of the world, thousands find themselves with new powers. Initially thought to be miracles of science, prejudice and fear soon bring danger from the darkness. Fenris Trygg lost everything he loved when the Changing came. Cynical and bitter, he keeps himself at a distance from everyone, especially those who care about him the most. But when a charming redhead crosses his path, he may have met the one person who can tear down his walls.


A Paranormal Romance

AJ Skelly

As her eighteenth birthday draws near, werewolf Katie knows it’s only a matter of time before her secrets and treacherous past come to light. Terrified that her adopted pack and the only boy she’s ever loved will be caught in the crossfire, Katie Clay does the only thing she knows to keep them safe. She runs. After leaving the girl he wanted for his mate back in Rock Falls, Beta Donovan Hazelton’s life has come to an awkward standstill, filled with pressures he can’t escape.


An Epic Fantasy

Crystal D. Grant

Shadowcast is on the 2024 Realm Awards Long List for Fantasy and Cover (by Emilie Haney)! He has known nothing but darkness for years. Now it’s time to let it consume him. After witnessing the brutal death of his brother at the hands of the Steward Knights, Mason Grey turns to vengeance. Using his Gifts to read and control the minds of others, he climbs the ranks of the Dark Army, determined to earn the coveted Shadowstone—a powerful tool against the light-wielding Stewards.


A Romantic Pirate Adventure

Moriah Chavis

Heart of the Sea is the 2024 Realm Awards Finalist for Young Adult, Fantasy, and Debut! Sometimes you have to trust the one sent to destroy you in order to save the one you love. Willing to do whatever it takes to save her sister, Nerissa Elliot commandeers the ship of notorious pirate, Cyrus Crow. But Crow has a mission: kill Nerissa and earn his freedom from the Queen who’s controlled him half his life.


A Fantasy Romance

Anna Augustine

In the land of Taletha, the Wife Market is the prime place for young lords to find a spouse. But it’s not the place for love, something Inara knows all too well. After six years of rejection, she has no hope of being chosen for anything other than a plaything. But when Dhamar, the future ruler of Taletha, arrives at the Market, Inara lets down her guard and is chosen. More shocking still, it seems as if Dhamar is exactly what he appears to be: kind, gentle, and wanting to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust.


A Contemporary Fairytale Romance

Brittany Eden

Hearts is on the Long List for the 2024 Realm Awards in the Young Adult category and Debut category! Author of A Dress for the Wicked Autumn Krause has this to say— “A creative, fascinating debut for fans of whimsy and wonder." Hearts is a vintage and lyrical fusion of the classics Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty, where Alice, Wendy and Aurora are the same girl—a secretive pencil artist with a dynastic feud destined to end on her cursed birthday.


A Mermaid Anthology

Edited by Beka Gremikova and Hannah Carter

Tide & Scale is a thrilling anthology meant to awaken the explorer in all of us. These stories are filled with pirates and mermaids on journeys from the depths of the sea to the far reaches of space. For all intrepid adventurers who wish to brave the dangerous waters, we bid you welcome into the deep blue. Beware: sirens lurk here…but so does hope.


A Clean Young Adult Thriller

Ashley Schaller

“With engaging characters and fantastical situations, Schaller’s R.E.M. delves through grief and sorrow to discover a second chance with love and joy.” —CATHY MCCRUMB, bestselling and award winning author of Recorder Gwendolyn Gonzales would do anything for her best friend. Even allow herself to be dragged through Macy’s dreams by a British coffeeholic who claims to be Macy’s Dream Guardian. The rules of the Dream are simple: blend in and don’t die.


A Fantasy Romance

Anna Augustine

In the city of Mordova, poverty reigns. Malek Nadar has no use for the poor beyond the palace walls, and the lords of the city only care for food, wine, and women. Saif works a fruit stand in the lower city; his reward a budding friendship with the beautiful Ranya. He finds himself falling for her, but a secret bars his way, a deception that could destroy the relationship they’re only beginning to form.


A Magical Boarding School Romance

AJ Skelly

“Readers looking for clean YA fantasy will find it in AJ Skelly’s Of Flame & Frost. I found the story to be a refreshing take on magic school, teens with powers, and opposites attracting. With the right amount of romance and heat, I recommend this book for those wanting a good solid magical story.” —MORGAN L. BUSSE, bestselling and award-winning author of the Ravenwood Saga and Skyworld series Aspen Frost has fallen from grace.


A Fantasy Romance

V. Romas Burton

Fortified is on the Long List for Young Adult in the 2024 Realm Awards! “Fortified is a riveting, beautifully-written adventure full of intrigue, betrayal, strife, and one woman with enough faith and bravery in her heart to face it all.” —Casey L. Bond, author of Where Oceans Burn Devora’s perfect future shatters. Instead of attending Vlacklear Academy, she is sent to the Fortress-a prison holding murderers and thieves that make up the soldiers in His Majesty’s Army.


A Christmas Royal Romance

Brittany Eden

***WINNER OF BEST DEBUT IN THE 2023 CANADIAN ROMANCE AWARDS*** Here’s what Dearest Josephine author Caroline George has to say—“Charming and inventive, Wishes offers a romance that tiptoes between reality and fairytale. A smart, heartfelt retelling perfect for fans of Kiera Cass and Melanie Dickerson!" Wishes is a dreamlike holiday romance novella with a light academia aesthetic that feels like a British Classic with Hallmark vibes. Ideal for fans of Disney’s live action Cinderella and Stephanie Garber’s Once Upon a Broken Heart, features include:


A Fantasy Allegory

V. Romas Burton

“V. Romas Burton’s Heartmender pumps new blood into the classic good-versus-evil paradigm by way of the classic Seven Deadly Sins… [Heartmender] begins to race into nightmarish territory with uncomplicated prose tailored for young adult fans.” —Lorehaven Magazine In the land of Barracks, the economy thrives on the barter of their citizen’s most precious commodity-a human heart. Each year the Heart Reign festival is thrown for those who have become of age to trade their heart for their deepest desires.